An introduction.

Hello there.

For a while now I’ve been looking for a creative outlet. I used to make Youtube videos back in 2009 regarding an array of topics using my trusty Toshiba laptop webcam to film. After a while I started to post less and less, until giving up on Youtube all together.  However, during my second year of University, I decided make a few random posts now and again, mainly focusing on clothing. I think my dissertation led the way… Geography is my specialism,  the study of consumption, fashion, and its relationship to the discipline is something which interests me greatly. This enthusiasm and love for this sub category was aided by one of my lectures and their research.

Since then, (and post graduation) I’ve been looking for a way to share this with others. Unfortunately due to the nature of my work, Youtube is not something which I can revisit and continue with, so I’ve decided to dive into a realm which is completely unbeknown to me, blogging.  I have no real structure for this new venture, no set posting days, nor a specific focus. All I know is that I want to share my ramblings, thoughts and ideas, I’m hoping blogging will allow me to do so. Let’s see where this goes…

Love, Lottie. 

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