Autumn Comforts.


Hello there.

In the Great Gatsby Jordan states; “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.’’ Although at first this may seem confusing, it’s the perfect way to see the new season. The Summer holidays have long passed, students are back at school and nature is showing off the last of its beauty before the cold winter approaches.

Autumn (or Fall if you’re American) has always been my favourite season. There’s something so beautiful about the burnt orange leaves, the fun of Guy Fawkes / Halloween celebrations, and the calmness of early morning weekend walks through the woodlands. Part of the fun during this time of year is swapping the tea dresses for cozy knits and reflecting the changing season within the home. Here are some ways I try and make my bedroom inviting / some ways to switch things up a little.



Firstly, there’s no need to break the bank when trying to add a bit of Autumn festiveness into the home, sometimes your best bet is to turn to Mother nature. Placing a few conkers around the home or in dishes brings the harvest into the home. Aside from the beauty of these little gems, apparently having conkers in your home prevents unwanted eight legged visitors….

Autumn style cushions.



cushion 2.JPG

A easy way to change the mood and setting of a room is to add and change around a few pillows. The ‘Stay home and snuggle’ pillow pictured was £8 from ASDA, whilst my fox pillow is from Sass and Belle which I received last year as a present. Both are very appropriate for the season!

Autumn bedding.


In line with the pillows, a simple change to bedding can also make any room appear more autumnal. The bed set shown was given to me by my Mum (I’m not sure where she got it from) Any ruby red, forest greens and burgundies make bedding appear cosy.

A cozy candle and fuzzy socks.

socks candle .jpg

There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home from a long day at work and slipping on some comfy socks and lighting a candle. Although light Summer candles can be beautiful, I feel that Autumn really allows you to experiment with a range of scents. The Yankee Candle shown above was a gift for my birthday, I’ve finally been able to light it as the temperature is now a tad cooler, the sweet smell of orange and honey almost combines Autumn with Christmas and makes any room smell lovely.

A cup of tea, book and bath.





Aside from switching up decor, one great simple pleasure is being able to have a nice tea (or other warm drink), cozy up with a book and enjoy a warm bubble bath.  As Autumn can be quite a busy time for many, it’s important to remember the importance of self care and along time, and who doesn’t love reading a nice magazine / book? As for bath time, LUSH have just recently brought out their Halloween / Christmas range, but fear not, those of you who prefer showers there’s an array of shower gels / jellies to enjoy. My current favourites are the BOO bath melt as it leaves your skin silky soft and the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar, both of which add a bit of fun to bath time!

What are your Autumn essentials? Comment below, I’d be interested to know!

With love, Lottie.


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