Sourced Box Surprise: October 2016 Edition

Hello there. 

I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of subscription boxes, however following the announcement of Sourced Box in December last year by Niomi Smart / Marcus Butler, I thought I would give it a try.  Unfortunately, I missed the first ever box release in January but decided to go ahead a purchase the February box and I’ve not cancelled my subscription since!

Inside, there is a range of healthy snacking products alongside a drink. The boxes are quite seasonal and over the past few months it is evident how the products reflect the changes of season. I thought it would be a nice idea to do an overview of the box each month to show the products included. Let me know if you find it of use!


Firstly, we have the sweet section. The responses below are from the back of the recipe card provided within the box.

  • The Pumpkin // Rude Health: ‘’A fruit and veg feast in a bar, with a hint of spice.’’
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Tea Biscuit // Rhythm 108: ‘’Whole grain oat biscuits, made with coconut oil and packed conveniently so you can carry them anywhere.’’
  • Raw Chocolate (Hazelnut flavour) // Loving Earth: ‘’These bars are super smooth and tasty and are made from the finest sustainably sourced ingredients.”
  • Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Snack // Pulsin’: ‘’This natural and indulgent vanilla choice chip protein snack contains 12g of raw rice and pea proteins, and tastes like cookie dough.’’
  • Ginger and Spirulina Raw Bites // Bioglan Superfoods: ‘’These delicious bites contain spiralling which is nature’s multi vitamin and a fiery ginger which is excellent for digestion.’’
  • Rawcha Cacao and Goji Organic Matcha Bar // Pretty Smart Food Co: ‘’A blend of matcha and other super foods, these bars are a superb source of omega 3, protein and antioxidants.’’



The savoury selection are as follows;

  • Organic Tomato Pesto Popcorn // Nom: ‘’The tomato pesto popcorn is kettle popped with virgin coconut oil then blended with tomatoes and nut free vegan pesto to create a savoury treat.’’
  • Beetroot Velvent Seed Toast // Science Kitchen: Sunflower and chia seeds provide a crunchy and nutritious base that perfectly complements the intense vanilla and coconut.’’
  • Hand Rosted Peanuts // Chika’s: ‘’These nuts are dried under the African sun before hand toasting over a wood fire for their distinctive rich flavour.’’



To finish off the box, there’s a drink included. This month it is the ‘Sparkling cherry and acai with Rooibos // Cape Drinks: ‘’A sparkling blend of rooibos tea and delicious fruit juices with added vitamins, ginseng and natural botanical extracts.’’ This sounds right up my street!

I’m really excited to try all these delicious goodies, I love the fact the Sourced Box allows you to try a range of different products each month, which don’t make me feel as guilty about having a little snack inbetween meals. I hope you have found this overview helpful! I wonder what the November box will bring…?

With love, Lottie. 

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