Sourced Box Surprise: November 2016 Edition

Hello there. 

It’s always a pleasant surprise when you get home from work to see your monthly ‘Sourced Box’ My last overview blog post of the products included within the October edition appeared to go down well, so I thought I would continue with the overview posts. This month there appears to be quite a lot of sweet, chocolate style goodies (definitely perfect for my sweet tooth) By the looks of things, this will probably be my favourite yet! Below is an overview of all the products included. The descriptions are taken from the menu card included within the box. Enjoy!


  • Apple Crisps // Spare Fruit: ”Slowly dried into crunchy slices of natural apple goodness.”
  • Superfood Hot Chocolate // Brontie & Co: ”Hot chocolate powder mix full of superfood ingredients.”
  • Raw Bite Bar // RAWBITE: ”A simple honest bar that’s perfect for popping in your bag.”
  • Raw Chocolate Bar // LOVECHOCK: ”Lovingly made by hand from the best organic raw cacao from Ecuador, these bars come in a variety of delicious flavours.”
  • Energy Balls // Raw Health: ”Organic fruity balls that are bursting with flavour.”
  • Raw Chocolate and Activated Almond Spread // Raw Ecstasy: ”Using a stone grinder, almonds and cacao are combined to make a smooth chocolate spread.”
  • Multigrain Porridge // STOATS: ”The ancient grains of oats, barley and rye combine with a blend of superfood seeds to make the perfect winter warmer.”


  • Slightly Peppered Coconut Curls // Ape Snacks: ”Deliciously peppered, these curls have a blend of two types of pepper, spices and natural rock salt.”
  • Sesame / Omega Sprinkles // Munchy Seeds: ”A delicious mix of savoury seeds, these are packed full of nutrients and can be enjoyed out of the packet or added to your lunch.”


  • Coconut Milk and Vanilla Drink // Halo Coco: ”Scrumptious sweet treat made with a handful of ingredients.”

The Autumn months definitely bring a sense of indulgence in terms of food choices, I’m excited to try the porridge oats with a dollop of the raw chocolate spread. I’m also rather excited to see what goodies the first Christmas / December edition of the box will bring! I hope this gives you a rough overview of the great products inside!

With love, Lottie. 


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