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The Ultimate Girly Stocking Fillers and Gift Ideas Guide

Hello there. 

For me, the beauty of Christmas is not only reconnecting with my faith, but also spending time in the company of your nearest and dearest.  I realise that during this time, it is common practice to give gifts to those closest to you, be they family or friends. I thought it may be useful to put together a little gift guide / Christmas eve box idea to help people out, I hope it gives some inspiration as to little items you may want to give to those around you as gifts this festive season. Please note that the elves delivered my basket to me rather early as they new that I wanted to write a post based around this idea, so thank you Mr Elves. I know I have to give this back to you after so that it can be rightfully given on Christmas eve.

New PJS.

As much as it is a cliche to be given PJS at Christmas, you cannot deny that they are the most practical present and will definitely be used!  I purchased these pjs from the Victoria Secret post Christmas sale from the Bond Street store last year and have been waiting to wear them all year. There’s an array of girly prints featured all over them, and the material is incredibly soft and cozy. Regardless of the pjs you chose, all retailers have something to suit everyones taste, although be quick as I know the more festive / Christmas themed sets always sell out relatively quickly and due to their seasonality, they are very rarely replaced. So the saying goes, ”Once it’s gone, it’s gone.” Furthermore, what is a good set of pjs without a nice pair of cozy socks. When on the hunt for some nice ones, I found the cashmere ones to be too pricey, and found some cashmere / cotton blend ones on Ebay for £5 for a range of colours, these would make great stocking stuffers.


Although a cliche again, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good candle?! Christmas and candles are the perfect combination, they can make the home or any room for that matter instantly cozier, hygge for sure! There’s an array of candles out on the high street at the moment, ranging in price points and scents. My favourite has to be diptyque, although pricey, the scents are divine. Another favourite for candles has to be the White Company and Jo Malone. Although not featured here, last year ‘Pomegranate Noir’ by Jo Malone was the perfect hosting accompaniment, throughout the festive periods and we received so many compliments about how lovely the house smelt. Yankee candle also bring out some fantastic winter scents this time of year also, my favourite being ‘Snowflake Cookie’

Sweet and bubbly treats. 


Moisturisers, perfumes and shower gels. 

Again another classic Christmas item… smellies. Regardless of how many shower gel sets you have, they’re great items to give because they keep on giving and will always be needed. If you’re struggling with scent ideas, I would highly recommend the Victoria Secret Acai body moisturiser as its fresh scent and nourishing lotion are pretty much a winner with anyone, whilst if you’re looking for a more sweet scent, the LUSH classic shower gel ‘Snow Fairy’ will bring the smell of candy floss and sweeties to the receivers shower time. Lastly, a great perfume choice would be ‘Princess’ by Vera Wang, it is a very pleasant vanilla smell that is perfect for any woman (or man) and lasts for such a long time.

All gifts aside, I think the Sainburys advert summed up Christmas gift giving rather nicely. At the end of the day the greatest gift you can give people is your time and effort. Enjoy the festive season and all that it brings; enjoy it, spend it with your nearest and dearest and be Merry. What ever your plans are for Christmas, I hope you enjoy this special time of year and relish in the company of others. A very Merry Christmas to all and mankind!

What are your plans for Christmas / the festive season? Comment below, I’d be interested to know.

With love, Lottie. 


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