LUSH Christmas Sale 2016

Hello there. 

If you’re following LUSH on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen the array of arguments, complaints, moaning and despair over the LUSH Christmas sale.  As many of you are aware, I adore LUSH from their products to their ethos, I picked up a few Autumn / Winter bits earlier on in the year (you can find both of these posts in my monthly archive on the right side of my homepage) but ran out the second week in December so I attempted to brace the online sale to pick up a few pieces.

I do have a LUSH store not far from me, however Boxing Day is family time so I thought an online attempt was better. LUSH consistently have issues with their online Boxing Day sale, over the past four years the site has not been able to cope with the demand. I find this surprising as one would think that they would upgrade their systems considering past difficulties… I tried to access the website several times and was placed in an online queue, the numbers we’re astonishing, over 9000 people at one point. Although I persevered, the queue kept being paused and crashing so I gave up and tried later on in the evening. Around 7pm I attempted to queue again, after 35 minutes of waiting I managed to enter the site.

You had to be relatively quick as you were only allowed 20 minutes on the site (including check out time) I managed to purchase the following, I have included the prices for reference.

  • X2 Shoot for the stars bath bomb (£4.26)
  • x1 Twilight shower gel 500g (£8.25)
  • x2 Snow angel bath melt (£4.26)
  • x2 Butter bear bath bombs (£1.96)
  • x2 Golden wonder bath bombs (£4.26)
  • x2 Never mind the ballistics bath bombs (£4.26)

I’m quite happy to have picked up a few items, I’m sure it will see me through the rest of the Christmas period and majority of January until the February Valentine collection launches. I’m excited for when they finally arrive! Have you visited any of the sales or picked up any bargains? If so, comment below, I’d be interested to know!

With love, Lottie. 



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