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Looks with Lottie #2: Winter Walks

Hello there. 

One thing I’ve been trying to incorporate into my life this year is minimalism (feel free to have a read on some of my previous posts about ‘Project use it up’) What I’ve come to realise is that a big part of the movement within clothing and style is being fewer pieces and making them last. When I was younger I majorly bought into fast fashion, I remember going into various shops and trying to buy as much ‘in’ items as I could with the few pounds I had at the time. Fast forward ten years later and I can say that although I still love clothing; the way they make me feel, the different fabrics, the different moods and feelings I can portray through them, I’ve moved away from the fast paced fashion cycle and adopted more of a Vivienne Westwood approach of ‘Buy less, choose well and make it last.”

My university dissertation opened my eyes to this method of thinking and as a Geographer you begin to realise how destructive fast fashion is, both for the environment, the workers whom attempt to produce items and of course your wallet. A long winded introduction aside, what I’m trying to say is that where possible I’m continuing to try and invest in classic pieces which can be worn time and time again. That’s how I’ve approached this outfit. I’m not ‘stylish’ nor ‘trendy’ or whatever jargon word is used, infact my family tell me to this day that I should dare to be more adventurous and less ‘safe’ with my clothing choices. Simple, comfortable and well produced items are what I aim for.

This comfortable look  is my ‘go to’ at weekends and it never lets me down. Firstly I have a mustard colour bretton top from Joules. Bretton tops are incredibly versatile as they can be  worn with so much; jeans, trousers, pinafores, skirts etc, as much as I love my navy and white version, I think this mustard one gives a warm earthy tone. Over the top I wore my patch jumper from Joules which I adore as the dog looks like my beloved jack russell Reggie. It’s so warm and comfortable, I bring it out every Autumn / Winter.

On my bottom half I’m wearing a pair of trusty dark wash denim jeans. I’ll be honest, I’m not a trouser / jeans person, I much prefer skirts and dresses as I’m quite an awkward pear shape which means that finding trousers and jeans that fit (which are also comfortable) is a difficult task. The ones shown here were bought for me and are from Next. My shoes are the Dubarry ‘Longford’ boot, whilst the coat is the ‘Leslie’ model both of which were loved but still brand new. They’re great and go with everything, perfect for long winter walks or everyday strolls out and about.

As for accessories, my scarf is from Barbour and it serves me well from work to the weekend. I pair it with pretty much everything and anything. A hat was a must, the cold weather was bitter and always gives me a painful earache, it was a gift so I’m afraid I can’t direct you as to where it’s from although I’m sure there are many similar versions around in shops or online.

What are your weekend staples? Comment below, I’d be interested to know.

With love, Lottie. 



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