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LUSH Valentine Collection 2017

Hello there. 

It’s coming up to the end of January, this means just one thing… Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. With February the 14th comes the LUSH Valentine product range. Before you start thinking ‘Hold on what happened to the project use it up challenge?’ I am continuing with my decluttering process and focusing on my existing product stash however, I did not pay for any of these products as I used some of my Christmas gift cards (my family and friends know how much I adore LUSH and always gift me with vouchers on my birthday / at Christmas time, for which I am always grateful) The remainder of the vouchers I will be putting towards the Easter and Mothering Sunday collection.

Rambling aside, I love the seasonal releases at LUSH, I was rather excited to obtain all of these lovely products (especially as the winter winds and frost grow evermore bitter) I wanted to share my first impressions with you alongside photos, I hope this helps a few of you if you maybe wanted to try a few of the products but wasn’t sure where to start. Please note that not all of these products are part of the Valentine collection, some are simply Valentine themed which LUSH stock all year round. For reference, I will make a list of the Valentine and non Valentine products at the end of this post.

Bath Bombs

Cupid: ”A sure fire way to send hearts a quiver.”

You can’t get any more festive than this bath bomb. Shaped like a cupid’s bow going through a lovers heart, it looks a delight. With ingredients including bergamot oil, persian l ime oil and rose petal powder, the scent reminds me of parma violet sweets.

Lover Lamp: ”They call me Mr Bombtastic.” 

This bath bomb is a return from previous years. Although simple in design, this products appears to have a conditioning element to it as it contains fair trade cocoa butter and vanilla absolute which is perfect for conditioning drier skin in the colder months.

Rose Bombshell: ”Drop a bombshell”

This has to be one of my absolute favourites, purely because it has my favourite lush scent of all time, rose jam! This bath bomb smells identical to the Christmas shower gel, with a sweet rose turkish delight scent. What I like most about this product is that it contains actual rose petals inside, perfect for a luxurious bath!

Tisty Tosty: ”Enchanting love spell.”

This is not a Valentine product and can be purchased all year, although with the lovely heart design, it’s a perfect accompaniment  to the Valentine collection. This product has hints of rose, jasmine and actual rose buds similar to the rose bombshell. Although it may not leave beautiful colours in your bath tub, there’s something about it’s simplicity which I adore.

Sex Bomb: ”This bomb’s made for loving.”

Sex bomb, although not a Valentine’s product, is somewhat of a Lush favourite. It is available all year round, and is rather iconic as it is one of Lush’s best sellers. This product contains jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil and clary sage oil, the best part of the bath bomb is that it contains rice paper flowers which float within your bath before dissolving away. Perfect for when you’re in need of a pick me up.

Bubble Bars

Unicorn Horn: ”They’re real.”

A returning favourite from previous years is the unicorn horn. I love the novelty of this product, it’s fun and creative. The horn is adorned with a slight silver lustre which compliments the product rather well. In term of scent, it reminds me heavily of the shower gel ‘Twilight’ most likely because it contains lavender and ylang ylang oil which would be this product perfect to use when you want to have a dreamy relaxing bath before bed time.

Rose Jam ”For a rosier mood and softer skin.” 

Similar to the rose bombshell, this product (as the name suggests) shares it’s scent with the rose jam group. This bubble bar is more like the bubbleroons as it contains a conditioning layer of fair-trade cocoa butter, which will bring together the right balance of having lots of bubble in the bath alongside a conditioning element.

Bath Oils

Two Hearts Beating As One ”Heart Crossed Lovers”

Bath oils and melts are some of my favourite all time products from Lush. Although they don’t create lots of bubbles or make wonderful colours in the bath, they leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft and luxurious. This product is new for 2017 and I’m rather excited to try it. I like the design as the two hearts interlock into one allowing individuals to use the product across two baths should they wish. This product has a subtle sweet smell, ingredients include; fair-trade organic cocoa butter, a range of oils including; argon, bergamot, and geranium alongside rose absolute.

Shower Gels / Creams

Prince Charming ”Some day my prince will come.” 

This product is another returning favourite from previous years. At first, I wasn’t impressed with the scents however once using it I love it. This contains fresh pomegranate juice and marshmallow and vanilla extract making it the perfect balance between sweet and fruity. The formula is a shower cream so it nourishing too which is always a bonus!


Love You, Love You Lots ”Say it with roses.” 

This soap can be used to wash your hands or body and like many others this year, shares it scent with the rose jam family due to ingredients such as rose petal infusion, coconut oil and rose syrup. I love this item as it is palm oil free and as it is naked packaging and self preserving its better for the environment which is always a bonus. I’m excited to see whether the scent is long lasting on the skin.

These products should last me quite a while and I’m excited to try all of them! What are your favourite Lush products? Comment below, I’d be interested to know.

With love, Lottie. 







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