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Valentine’s Month: The Importance of Self Care and Love

Hello there.  

Love it or loathe it February is Valentine month. Whatever your plans were/ are; whether you’re single, dating, or it’s complicated, this month doesn’t just have to be for couples, use the time to practise some self love and self care. This concept is so important and I believe it is very much over looked, acts of self care are important for maintaining both your physical and mental health, so use it as a time to truly look after and love yourself (as cliche as it may sound!) I’ve put together a number of activities which can be used as methods of self care which don’t necessarily have to be used during Valentine’s month or on your own, adapt or change them, but don’t forget to look after yourself!


A Relaxing Bubble Bath

I’m fully aware that not everyone is a ‘bath’ person, however they are such great ways to pamper yourself. Baths have so many benefits, from relaxing sore muscles, cleaning the skin, to helping us relax. Set aside time to have a truly fantastic bath experience; light some candles, put on some mellow music, use a bath bomb or your favourite shower products and perhaps enjoy a good book whilst you have a soak. Once finished, slip into your favourite pyjamas, make sure you leave them on the radiator first to heat them up, thus way once you’re out of the bath you have something warm and cozy to jump into!

Enjoy a Treat

If you’ve read the book ‘Hygge: The Danish Way of Living Well’ you’ll see that its often stated that it’s ok to treat yourself to a little indulgence here and there. I’ll put my hands up and say that I’m guilty of indulging a little too much hence I’m trying to become a lot more mindful with my eating practises! This aside, as the saying goes ‘Everything in moderation.’ Don’t deprive yourself, if you want a piece of chocolate eat it, just don’t forget to nourish your body also. Lots of fruits and vegetables and glasses of water will always be greatly received from your organs.

Read or Enjoy a Colouring Book

So many of us are constantly glued to our smart phones, laptops and televisions, myself included. Try and have a ‘black out’ night whereby you refrain from using all distracting electronic gadgets and products. Instead of browsing Instagram or watching mundane TV shows, pick up a good book or enjoy an adult colouring book. I adore both activities, especially adult colouring. At times people think the activity is rather odd and unusual but it stimulates the mind, keeps you focused, relaxes you and is beyond satisfying, especially when you finish a section which you’ve been doing for a long time. Try it, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. My favourite/s is by Eiry with the ‘Romantic Country’ colouring books, all the images are drawn with a toothpick and are beautiful.

Treat Yo Self 

As many of you know, I’ve been embarking on a gradual decluttering and minimalism project, so I’m by no means encouraging you to spend, spend, spend. Instead, choose a product or item which you know needs replacing or updating, it may be as simple as a hair brush, or item of clothing which has definitely had its lease of life. Focus on something uplifting which will bring you comfort. For many this time of year, the most endorsed items are flowers, why not pick yourself up or someone else a bunch?

Get an Early Night

It goes without saying that a good nights sleep really does set you up for the day ahead. I try and have at least one night every weekday when I try and get into bed and be asleep by 10pm at the absolute latest. I try to head upstairs and listen to some music and light a candle or two between around 9:30. I do this in an attempt to try and ‘wind down’ as I have a difficult time switching off, I’m definitely a worrier and my mind is always running to and from with endless thoughts.  Getting an early night is a way of calming the overthinking and ensuring that my body gets the rest it desperately needs and deserves.

I challenge you all to give one of these activities a try this week, let me know if they’ve helped you cope with a stressful situation or just given you the time to recharge at some point during the week. Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!

With love, Lottie. 



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