Sourced Box Surprise: February 2017 Edition

Hello there. 

Please note, this was scheduled for February but for some reason never posted! Thought I would upload it nonetheless, enjoy!

Happy February everyone. With a new month, comes a new sourced box. There’s many chocolatey delights featured in this month’s box, perhaps due to Valentine’s Day. I love the fact that the mini address on the recipe card features the notion of hygge. February is always a cold month, it’s the harshness before the arrival of Spring, but fear not, there’s plenty of lovely little snacks inside to me through until the first daffodils open beckoning the start of spring.



  • African Mango Promix // Wyldsson: Ideal for on the go snacking, these are packed with nuts, seeds and fruits to satisfy hunger and boost energy.
  • Almond and Coconut Bar // Love Raw: Moreish fruit and nut bar.
  • Cranberry Kiss Chocolate // Conscious Chocolate: This fudgy chocolate bar is sweetened with rice syrup whilst some sharp but sweet cranberries adda burst of juiciness.
  • Rasberry and Beetroot Truffles // Functional Food Company: Infused with beetroot and garnished with freeze dried raspberries.
  • Zesty Orange Date Hearts // Beloved: Made from 100% dates and cold pressed to retain all the benefits, these hearts have caramel taste


  • Lightly Salted Snapea Rice Sticks // Yushoi: A savoury baked snack made from green peas and rice, it’s seasoned with just a sprinkling of salt to enhance the natural sweetness
  • Salted Caramel Pecks // Inspiral: Coconut oecks are flavoured with sea salt and vanilla before being gently dehydrated at low temperatures for that extra tasty crunch.



  • Rasberry Inferno Tea // The London Tea Company: A fruit infusion blend of raspberry, apple and elderberry with a hint of chilli for a subtle kick to tingle your tastebuds.
  • Baobab Superfruit Drink // Chosan: Superfruit drink backs a fruity, nutritional punch and is ideal for a tasty afternoon refresher once popped in the fridge.

I’m heading away in a few days so I’m hoping that these goodies will keep me feeling fuller for longer and will therefore leave me less likely to grab for the not so healthy sweet treat. What are your favourite snacks at the moment? Comment below, I’d be interested to know.

With love, Lottie. 


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