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Bath and Body Works UK Spring 2018 Haul

Hi lovelies,

If you’ve been following my blog or instagram for a while, you’ll know and understand my obsession with candles. Every single day, I end up lighting a candle or two (usually as I return from work and want to wind down).

To me, candles offer and create a sense of calm, and peace. I’m always on the go, rushing here, there, everywhere. As a result, I adore the serenity they provide. As a result of my candle obsession, I burn through them at record pace; 1 around every week or two! I’ll always maintain in life that everyone has their vices, for some it’s smoking, or perhaps partying, eating out and what not, but for me, I love to treat myself to beautiful smelling candles. At the beginning of the Spring and Autumn, I tend to stock up on a few that will last me the season. Now, if you’re wondering, ”How comes there’s no Summer or Winter candle hauls?”… it’s pretty much because I see Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter candles as interchangeable!

Now, I have to admit, I’m not particularly loyal when it comes to candle brands. However, over the past year or two I’ve developed a love for Bath and Body Works. As much as I adore the brand, it pains me that we don’t have stores in the UK (nor do they allow UK shipping!). The scents are seasonal and smell divine, I’m praying we get a store here soon. I’m thinking of making a blog post all about how I get Bath and Body works goodies, so please let me know if that’s something you would like to read about!

Please note, as much as I adore candles, I did not buy all of these candles at once. Instead they are an accumulation since around mid January (so apologies if some of these scents are no longer available!) Regardless, I digress! Here are the lovely candles I’m looking forward to burning over the next few months, all are from Bath and Body works!

Lavender Marshmallow

This candle, is my aesthetic, pastel colours mixing dreamy candy scents! On the base of the candle, it’s described as: ”The merging of two unexpected flavors, lavender and marshmallow, make this mouthwatering blend a special treat.”  I’m hoping the throw is excellent as burning this alongside a nice warm drink and cup of tea in the garden is my ideal kind of Spring weekend evening.

Happy Easter

I know, I know, Easter has been and gone, but it’s a candy floss scented candle, who can resist?! Upon cold sniff, to me, personally, I don’t get any indication of ”cotton candy”. Instead, it smells like a sweet shop my Nan would sometimes take me and my brother to after school. On the base of the candle, it is described as; ”Celebrate spring with a sweet blend of sparkling cotton candy, raspberries and fresh sugared cream.” I probably will save this candle until next year to burn on Easter Sunday lunch with my family. As I’m a lover of seasonal living, I also purchased the matching candle holder too…. yes, I’m THAT person!

Peach Bellini

Now, I’m not much of a drinker, but I don’t mind a bellini, such sugary goodness! Put that into a candle and you’re on to a winner. The scent of this candle is described as; ‘Succulent white peach, sparkling prosecco, sweet orange.” The description matches the scent perfectly, plus the packaging is beautiful, simple and pink, everything I love!

Soft Petal Tea Cake

This, is everything I love in a candle. Beautiful, dainty floral smell and pretty packaging. Described as; ”Rose petals, fluffy cake, and orange essential oil.” This has to be one of the nicest smelling candles I’ve come across in such a long time. It would be great on my bath caddy in a lovely bubble bath, reading a good book.

Endless Weekend

Truth be told, I’m not usually into fresh smelling scents, I tend to find that such candles don’t have a good throw and are difficult to burn through. Although, I have to say, this scent pleasantly surprised me. Described as; ”Fresh summer mandarin, sun kissed magnolia, coconut water.” I think it will be great to burn whilst have a deep Spring clean, or whilst enjoying the company of friends on a warm Summer evening.

Rose Water and Ivy

Although the brightest of candles in terms of packaging, the scent doesn’t match its bright neon-sque persona. Similar to the soft petal tea cake, the smell of rose of very prevalent. Described as; ”Soft rose petals, rain kissed ivy, spring musk” this is such a light and beautiful scent. I can imagine burning it on a Spring day where the grey clouds have just lifted and the sun has made a reappearance, just to reveal that delicate earthy scent. Ok, tell me i’m not the only once who attributes scents to certain images..?

Lavender Vanilla

Perhaps I shouldn’t leave this post on a negative, but it’s best to be truthful! I was really excited to try this candle as the scent description is everything I gravitate towards; ‘‘Lavender blossom, creamy vanilla, white woods, sugared musk.” I adore the ‘Twilight’ scent from LUSH, I thought this would have a similar scent, despite having vanilla as opposed to tonka. I have burnt this recently; I think I’ll find it quite difficult to finish it as the scent pay off is terrible. In all honesty, I can’t detect any scent which is a little disappointing. At least the packaging is pretty?

I hope you enjoyed this little candle haul. This will see me right through until mid Summer, which is when I start thinking ahead for the Autumn / Winter months. What are your favourite ways / products to scent your home? Comment below, I’d be interested to know.

With love, Lottie x


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