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Literature with Lottie #1: Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher

Hello lovlies, 

So here it is… the first book review as a part of my ‘Literature with Lottie’ segment. Now, I’ll hold my hands up… I am cheating a little bit because I started reading this book way back in October 2018! Every now and again, especially around the colder months, I like to pop into a shop and stock pile a lot of books to get me through the Autumn / Winter season. After all, this is the season that I tend to be indoor a lot more!

I kept seeing this book appear all over Instagram, Giovanna Fletcher appears to built up a nice little following, from what I know she’s published quite a lot of ‘chic lit’ style books that make for easy escapism reading… exactly what I need! Here’s my break down of the book, (if you don’t like spoilers, don’t continue reading!)

I purchased this book from ASDA for around £4 around October 2018 to read whilst at a SPA break with my  Mum. 


Lottie Loves

  • Relatable story line: The story follows the main character Lizzie and her recent break up from her long term boyfriend. Painful break ups are something I’m sure all of us can relate to in some form or another, this makes the main character quite likeable as we can all share some level of empathy when it comes to being heartbroken, especially when you thought the person you were with was ‘the one’.
  • Makes you question your own happiness: As Lizzie’s story develops, it cultivates a sense of questioning your own life and happiness. As Lizzie moves on from her long term boyfriend, you observe her trying new hobbies and focusing on herself and career. Reading this book did make me think about whether I am truly happy with my current life, or whether (like Lizzie) I just plod along through life simply because its ‘comfortable’.


Lottie Loathes

  • Evil sister: One part of the book that deeply saddened me was the argument scene with Lizzie’s sister. Lizzie’s younger sister at the beginning of the book is pregnant, engaged and planning her wedding. One stage in the book my heart genuinely ached for Lizzie and if left a sour taste in my mouth for this character. It could just be me over thinking the storyline but I did find it rather uncomfortable…
  • Predictable story?: Sometimes chic lit style books such as these are a little predictable in places, for a while I was curious to see which direction the story evolve, however towards the end (I won’t give the complete spoiler away…) I have to say it was rather foreseeable. However, what I want to know is what happens next! Did Lizzie go on the date?! Perhaps, there will be a sequel?
  • Overuse of the word ‘copious’: A strange thing to pick up but it kept following me throughout the book, or maybe I’m just extra observant?

Overall, the book was a pleasant enjoyable read, no heavy going plots, nothing strenuous just a nice read. This book would make for a lovely airport book when you just want to escape into something sweet and heart warming. I would give the book 3.5/5 and would be interested in reading some more of Giovanna’s books in the future. Have you read any of Giovanna Fletcher’s books, if so, what ones would you recommend? Comment below, I’d be interested to know. 

With love, Lottie x



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