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Literature with Lottie.

Hello lovelies,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I feel sad that I’ve somewhat neglected this little cozy place. I adore writing on my blog but sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by it all, constantly thinking it’s not good enough or futile. However, I want to push these feelings aside and focus on writing again. For me, blog writing is incredibly therapeutic, I’m able to share my thoughts, feelings and ramblings. A little place in this big wide web to delve into is much needed at times.

One of my New Year resolutions is to read more. I always seem to make excuses , I’m sure some of you can relate? ‘Oh I don’t have time!’ is my most common phrase… However, just like blog writing, reading provides an element of escapism from busy moments that life always throws at me. I used to read for 30 minutes before bed every night when I was in secondary school, I’m going to try and incorporate this routine into my life again, I need it… I crave it.

In an attempt to encourage my reading journey, here it is… my new segment… ‘Literature with Lottie’. Now, before any thoughts pop into your mind, a lot of the books I am going to read can’t be classified as classics…. Be prepared for a lot of ‘chic lit’! Although, I want to try and read a range of genres, I need to stop being narrow minded and attempt books I probably would never actively select myself (so don’t quote me on that prior comment)

I hope you enjoy this new segment of my blog, here’s to hoping I can read 12 new books for each month of 2019! I’ll update you on all of my progress.

With love, Lottie x 


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