Hygee Haul: The White Company / Bath and Body Works

Hello lovelies,

I’m pretty sure I’ve used F Scott Fitzgerald’s infamous quote from the Great Gatsby before… ‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.’  This quote is something I find comfort in, particularly as Autumn is my favourite season. With the earlier sunsets and crisper weather looming, so is cuddle season… the Autumn evenings where I just want to curl up on the sofa with a cozy blanket, good book and lovely candle burning in the background.

It’s a common theme on this blog that I adore a good candle and getting cozy. If you’re one of the very few people that know me well, you would understand that these moments I find so precious and therefore treasure them dearly. I’m trying to make more of a conscious effort to really slow down and relax, for the sake of my own wellbeing (my introverted personality welcomes this immensely) As a result, I’ve purchased a few little treats to make my autumn / winter hibernation period just that little bit more comforting.

For some, these purchases are futile but it brings me joy and comfort (in an often dreary few months) and I thought you may like to take a peek. First, is the ‘Fireside’ candle from the White Company. I was a bit dubious whether to purchase this candle as I don’t really like buying fragrance items on a ”blind sniff’. I fear that if I do not like the scent it makes it quite difficult to return, however I took a gamble as the closest White Company store is quite a distance away. I was not disappointed! It’s somewhat of a tradition for me to purchase the new season candle (one is released for each month of the year) but I was tempted by this new limited edition fragrance. It is described as having ‘Warmth of burning wood with the softness of creamy vanilla to create a sweet and smoky fragrance.” This description is very accurate. On a cold sniff, it smells divine and like a dupe for one of my all time favourite candles by Diptiquye ‘Ambre’. I decided to purchase both the large and small size candle, mostly so that there is one for the dining room table to light during dinner, and one to have in the living room.

Aside from the two fireside candles, I also purchased some of the Autumn Bath and Body works candles. These candles are my absolute favourite, every season the company release a myriad of new scents which fit the time of year perfectly. I still have many of the Bath and Body works candles from last season to burn, I didn’t go too over the top. I settled on two; Sugared Snickerdoodle and Peach Cobbler. My thought process when deciding which candles to purchase was relatively straight forward… sweet bakery notes. I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world and I have no doubt that when I do eventually decide to melt these candles under my candle lamp, I will be salivating and craving lots of sweet sugary treats! It’s just a shame that Bath and Body works do not ship directly to the UK as it always makes it a little trickier to purchase them!

Peach Cobbler scent notes; ‘Juicy peach slices, cinnamon sugar, golden baked pie crust with essential oils.”

Sugared Snickerdoodle scent notes; ‘Warm spices, creamy vanilla, sugared musk with essential oils.’

Alongside the candles, I also decided to treat myself to some new pyjamas, also from the White Company. I find it very difficult to find good quality pjs that do not bobble, fade or crumple so easily after one wash. I always gravitate back to the White Company as the pjs wash incredibly well and the quality is never compromised. I love their cotton pjs the most, they are comfortable on the skin and strike the perfect balance between keeping you warm but not too toasty that you feel as if you’re about to burst into flames during the night. Although somewhat pricey, I personally think they are worth every penny. If you sign up to the White Company emails, most seasons they will send you a discount code between 10 – 20% off,  I used one of these codes when making my purchase, it made me feel a little less guilty…

I’m sure these little goodies will bring me much comfort in the cooler Autumn months, what are your favourite Autumn essentials? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of love, Lottie x


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