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Updated introduction to minimalism – Project use it up and the 30 day minimalism game. The purge before Christmas!

Hello lovelies,

If you’ve been following me on my blog or instagram for a while, you’ll know that I went through a phase of wanting / needing to declutter. I feel as if I never completely finished the journey and yet here I find myself again, overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with stuff. Stuff that doesn’t fulfil me, doesn’t bring joy and to be blunt… stuff that causes unnecessary stress Unworn clothes that I hate, bric a brac that I feel obliged to keep, shoes I never wear and books I haven’t picked up in years. I need to embark on this challenge again, most importantly, I need to stick to it. Meaning that I continue with with it, a never ending continual process of carefully evaluating what I bring into my life & what I continue to keep.

To kick start this process, I’m beginning with the 30 day minimalism game. Originally created by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (also known as The Minimalists). The idea is that for 30 days you either discard or donate items depending on which day you are on e.g. one item for day 1, two for day two, 3 for day three and so on. The aim is to declutter and free yourself from unecessary possessions that no longer bring you joy or add value to your life. My mind always feels better after a spring clean and a declutter so I’m using this as inspiration / motivation to get my head back into the correct mind space and truly declutter effectively once and for all.

As a disclaimer, I by no means regard myself as a minimalist, I just want to realign myself starting with the ‘things’ I have/see on a daily basis. In order to be a little more sustainable, I will not be throwing all these garments away, if I feel that someone I know will gain great pleasure or use from the item I will ask if they would like them, I will also be donating some items to charity in order to reduce waste and support good causes. I will also be attempting to infuse this challenge with the project use it up / project pan challenge, as sometimes (especially with beauty products) I use need to use up my items and stop saving them ‘for best’

I hope the next 30 days go well, wish me luck!

Lots of love, Lottie x

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