2021 Valentine’s Lush Haul

Hello! I haven’t written on this blog in a very long time, but it’s January and time to blow the cobwebs away. Looking back at my posts, around this time in 2017, I published a Valentine’s Lush haul. Looking back at it, it was interesting to see the differences in the products compared to the current 2021 range! Stores like Lush are currently closed in the UK due to the covid situation, only essential stores e.g. supermarkets are allowed to open. However, a lot of retailers like Lush are still operating online. 2020, and now 2021 is proving difficult for the high street and to keep sales going a lot are depending on their websites for trade.

I have a few Lush stores quite close to me, I love popping in to see and smell all the products. The customer service is always top notch, someone is always on hand to help if needed. Due to this, in all honesty, I don’t really like ordering from Lush online… it doesn’t quite have the same feel. I also find it a little disheartening that the products arrive completely ”naked”. I understand and admire the Lush philosophy of reducing waste and being green, but I never know how to store products like bath bombs and bubble bars when they arrive without packaging. Unlike in store, in the past when ordering from Lush online, there was no option to have products placed in the recyclable paper bags and shipped out. I was quite surprised that whilst checking out this time, the option was available… game changer! However, when unboxing my order, I was a little perplexed that I received one bag for my whole order. I was slightly disappointed with this as I assumed (maybe wrongly?) that a bag would be provided for each item, or that the items would come within the bags themselves. As Lush products are made fresh, it’s useful to have these bags to keep out the moisture which reduces the fizz factor of the bath products. This might just be an over sight and I’ll check when the stores next open whether the online bag situation has changed.

Rambling aside, on this cold, miserable snow day, what’s better than unboxing a Lush haul?

Prince Charming shower gel: I’m glad this shower gel made a return, it’s one of my favourite shower gels from Lush! Ingredients include; marshmallow root, vanilla, grapefruit oil, sandal wood and fresh pomegranate juice. It makes a refreshing change for the Valentine products to take a pomegranate twist rather than the classic valentine rose scent. The consistency is rather thick, a little definitely goes a long way which is which I did not decide to purchase the larger bottle.

Heart beat bath bomb: I believe this product is new for 2021 and I hope it stays. The scent is reminiscent of the infamous ‘Rose jam’ range which makes sense as the ingredient include; rose absolute, rose, geranium and Sicilian lemon oil. The gold hearts embedded inside the bath bomb include a melting oil which will definitely leave dry winter skin moisturised in these cold winter months.

Love boat bath bomb: This is a returning product, although, I have to admit, I’ve not actually tried it before. The scent is very similar to the heart beat bath bomb as it also contains; Sicilian lemon, rose and sweet orange oil. Going from the demo on the Lush website, it looks like it will turn your bath water a lovely pink/purple hue.

Love me do bath bomb: This bath bomb is a true valentine style product as it includes dried red rose petals, lavender and Brazilian orange oil. The design is very similar to the ‘Deep sleep’ bath bomb as both are wrapped in a muslin cloth which can then be composted once finished with. With the ‘deep sleep’ bath bomb, the cloth can be unwrapped in the bath which releases all the dried flowers into the bath water, I’m sure the same can be done with ‘Love me do’ – hopefully allowing all the rose petals to float around you. I think it might save this one for Valentine’s day itself.

Love Locket Bath Bomb: It seems appropriate to include a heart shaped love locket within a Valentine’s range. It’s huge and be used across 3 baths, as it is in 3 parts; the top locket, the mini hearts inside and the large heart shell. The smell is similar to the sherbet ‘love heart’ sweets I used to eat as a child. With ingredients such as bergamot oil and blackcurrant absolute, I’m sure it will certainly be a show stopper in the tub.

Peachy bath bomb: Peachy made its debut as a Valentine’s product 2 years ago I believe… Since then, it’s become a part of the regular bath bomb range. Although not strictly a part of the Valentine’s release, I couldn’t help but pick it up. It leaves the most beautiful burnt orange/amber tone in the bath, similar to an early morning sunrise. It is also very uplifting as it includes fresh peach juice and grape fruit oil.

Goddness Bath Bomb: This bath bomb is part of the regular range, but after using it in the past, I wanted to try it again. It contains rose and oudh oil which is one of my all time favourite combinations.

The Comforter Bath Bomb: This product also isn’t strictly part of of the Valentine’s range, but its pink colouring makes it perfect for the month of romance. I used this product in the past and its such a fast fizzer but it leaves the bath my favourite shade of pink, I couldn’t not include.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar: To compliment the comforter bath bomb, I decided to pick up the creamy candy bubble bar to go along side it. This bubble bar is somewhat of a Lush classic and I thought the colour of this would go well, it also leaves your skin incredibly soft as it contains fair trade organic coco butter.

Mermaid Tail and Sleepy Bubble Bar: Both these products are new on my radar, but I just couldn’t resist. I love the aesthetic of both as they contain pretty pastel shades and contain some of my favourite scents. Sleepy is of course reminiscent of the sleep sleepy scent containing lavender and tonka, perfect for helping you nod off to sleep, whilst the mermaid tail includes fair trade organic cocoa butter which will leave the skin feeling incredibly nourished.

Rose Argan Massage Bar: If you’re a fan of the rose argan body conditioner, you’ll love the massage bar. It contains very similar ingredients such as; fair trade organic cocoa and shea butter, alongside argan oil and rose extract. I love how the massage bars simply melt into your skin after the shower/bath, the scent also lingers for quite a lot time too. I think they’re perfect for apply after those evening baths when you need to nod off quickly, something about your skin feeling nourished and the fragrance from the bar is incredibly soothing.

I’m sure all these lovely Lush goodies will help with switching off after a day of work. At the moment, I’m using self care and pampering as a way of keeping my mind off the covid situation. Where ever you are at the moment and what ever the situation might be, keep safe and well. Hopefully, I will get some more posts out this year. Being inside has certainly got a lot more of us returning to old hobbies and finding new ones. Maybe I’ll find my way back to occasional blogging.

Lots of love, Lottie x


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