LUSH Autumn / Halloween Haul 2016

Hello there.

Aside from the obvious connotations of cool air, darker afternoons and brisk afternoon strolls through the park, to me Autumn time wouldn’t quite be complete with a bath bomb, or two…

LUSH recently held their ‘Creative Showcase’ in London and although I did not attend, from the many blog / instagram posts and Youtube videos, it looked like a fantastic day! Those who went along managed to see first hand all of the Halloween / Autumn goodies, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the launches in store since!


Sparkly Pumpkin. 

I popped in to have a look at all the goodies on offer this year, I was pleasantly surprised. A returning favourite from last year is the ‘Sparkly Pumpkin’ bubble bar.  Looks are deceiving with this item as there are no traces of pumpkin. Ingredients include juniper, lime and grapefruit oil, giving the pumpkin an uplifting citrus scent. Crumbling this under the running water will definitely perk up any cool Autumn evening.


Lord of Misrule. 

Another returning favourite is the ‘Lord of Misrule’ bath bomb. I adore the scent of this product, if you have smelt the perfume ‘Flower bomb’ by Viktor and Rolf you will easily be able to identify the patchouli notes. There is also a slight peppery undertone to this bath bomb which makes the scent warming and comforting.



The ‘Pumpkin’ bath bomb is a new addition to the Halloween collection this year. The design very much reminds me of Jack from the Tim Burton film, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. Similar to the ‘Lord of Misrule’ this product gives off a warm aroma which smells like a toasty kitchen in which the owners are making a range of sweet (yet spicy) treats!



A further new addition this year is the ‘BOO’ bath melt which also doubles up as a bubble bar. Although it won’t leave you with lots of fun colours in the bath, this little guy will help nourish and replenish dry skin often caused by the cooler weather. With fair trade cocoa butter, ginger and sandalwood, I’m excited to see what aroma this creates in the bath. Furthermore, as ginger is contained within it, the added benefit of antibacterial properties may be the perfect healing remedy if suffering with the unbeatable common cold, which is an absolute pest this time of year!


Monster Ball.

Monster Ball also made it’s debut to the Halloween collection this year. This bath bomb has to be one of my favourite special edition products. The design reminds me of Mike from Monsters Ink and I’m sure children (and adults) will love this fun product. The smell is one of my favourites, probably because of the reoccurring citrus undertones.


Autumn Leaf.

The last Halloween / Autumn product is the ‘Autumn Leaf’ which I believe will remain in stores right up until Christmas. I’m a little dubious about this one as the scent isn’t something I’d usually go for. It smells very Earthy, almost like damp wet grass. However, I’m hoping this will leave me pleasantly surprised as the wide range of colours throughout the product should hopefully change my mind.


Intergalatic / Twilight. 

Although I mainly popped in to see the new collection, I also had to pick up two favourites; Twilight and Intergalatic. The twilight bath bomb has a beautiful calming aroma to it, I’m going to save it for when I’m having a particularly stressful week and in need of some chill out time, with the hope of it allowing me to drift straight off to sleep. Intergalactic is another calming product, I like to use it when I’m not feeling very well as I find it clears my sinuses perfectly due to the minty / olbas oil type scent. This bath both is definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing. The bath tub is transformed into your own personal galaxy, with the water turning a deep navy blue and specks of glittery lustre floating around your bath… what’s not to love?!

There may be a further (Christmas) post coming soon… in the mean time, what are your favourite LUSH products? Comment below, I’d be interested to know

With love, Lottie.


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