Instagram Tag: 20 Facts About Me

Hello there lovely people,

I’ve seen a lot of these “20 Facts About Me” tags floating around and the lovely Sally on Instagram (Sally_Potts) suggested I play along. I did originally want to keep this purely on Instagram, however it would appear that there is a character limit which I went over. I thought I would bring in on over onto my blog. I’d love to see your responses to get to know you guys more, feel free to play along!

  1. I was born in London to my wonderful parents.
  2. I went to three different primary schools.
  3. GirlGuiding UK is a huge part of my life, being a Guide was the best thing I could have done, I’m now a leader and love it!
  4. Speaking of which, I went to the World Scout Jamboree through Guiding and made life long friendships.
  5. I feel happiest when camping or hiking. I go regularly, especially with my parents. The amount of beauty within nature never fails to amaze me.
  6. God is also a large part of my life. I’ve been baptised and confirmed as an Anglican, however I now identify more closely to being Anglo Catholic.
  7. My favourite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13, whilst my favourite religious song is Jerusalem / The Lord is my Shepherd (the Vicar of Dibley version though!)
  8. I’ve danced my whole life and I’ve performed at some fabulous places including: Disney Land Paris, Her Majesty’s Theatre and the 02.
  9. I gave up dancing when I was 19 because of University, however I’m looking at getting back into it as I love and miss it so much.
  10. I have a degree in Geography from King’s College London, which is creepy as my campus was right opposite where my parents met for the first time (Lyceum Theater)
  11. I focused my degree and my dissertation on the clothing industry and how to make it more sustainable, this is something I’m very interested in.
  12. I learnt to speak German in 2007 and took a GCSE in it, I’m trying to maintain and continue learning it. I’d love to learn more languages including Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese.
  13. India is my favourite country I’ve visited, I want to return soon.
  14. My favourite place in the world is Versaille, especially the Marie Antionette Estate. If I ever get engaged, I would love for it to be there!
  15. I visited Prague earlier on in the year but places still on my bucket list include Brazil and Thailand.
  16. I have naturally very curly hair which I straighten now and then.
  17. When I was younger at school (Year 1/2) I had ringlets in my hair which people in my class would always play with, I got so fed up with it I went home and cut half of my hair off 🙊
  18. I’m quite a quiet person at times and identify as an introvert.
  19. My music taste is incredibly varied, I love Margarita Taylor at night time on Classic FM, I’ve seen Eminem, I love FOTOS (a German indie band) Anitta, and I attended Isle of Wight music festival (in my student days) four years in a row. The type of music I want to listen to depends on my mood for the day, I love how it can change how you feel so easily!
  20. My biggest desire in life is simply to just be happy and I’m grateful for all of those within my life that have contributed to that happiness so far✨

I hope this gave you a little nosey into some of my quirks. I look forward to reading some more over instagram, feel free to play along!

With love, Lottie.



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