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An update: Taking a break, starting a fresh and decluttering.

Hi lovelies.

If you follow me on my Instagram (withlovelottieblog), you’ll know that I’ve only just started reposting after a couple of months away from social media and blogging. I’ve finally made the decision to come back, not only have I missed it, but I finally feel ready to return.

Over the last couple of months, I have suffered from periods of sickness whilst also being incredibly stressed and down, I thought it was best to take some time away to focus on myself, and it worked! I feel so energised, refreshed and ready to conquer the world. Part of my return to blogging is to try and get back into my posting schedule of once per week and to explore this realm a little more. I know I don’t have the largest of audiences, however I love sharing my thoughts and ramblings with you all and have genuinely missed the routine of blogging, so I’m excited for the next couple of months, I’ve already started planning potential ideas, so watch this space.

Aside from blogging, I’ve also felt energised to reintroduce myself to decluttering and getting rid of the old. I’ve taken this time to start reevaluating what I bring into my home in an attempt to be more mindful. I really want to make sure my home space is a place of calm, I really don’t want to feel overwhelmed with my beauty stash any longer. I spent the other day sorting through old products, it was quite embarrassing to say the least. The amount of products which needed to be thrown really was astounding. Although I rarely purchase such items for myself anymore, it’s so easy for shower goodies, old make up supplies etc to mount up. I really need to be more aware of this in the future.


All the empties / products ready to go!

An emptying sessions calls for a good hour or two of deep cleaning!

I’m hoping the rest of the Summer will allow me to be just as productive and until then I’m going to try and slowly reintroduce myself back into blogging. If you have any suggestions for posts you would like to see, please let me know in the comments down below. Thank you all for reading my blog and following my on this journey, both new and old readers!

With love, Lottie.


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