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Sourced Box Surprise: September 2017 Edition

Hello lovelies,

As always, a new month, means a new SourcedBox. I always look forward to the Autumn boxes! As the nights get longer and the days shorter, I’m always looking for the perfect snack (or two) to get through my day! This month also features another SourcedBox product making its debut! I’m rather intrigued to try their new chocolate chickpeas, as I must admit, it sounds like quite the unusual combination…



  • Banana Oat Bar // NOM: ”An oat bar packed full of organic ingredients including gluten free jumbo oats for slow release energy, virgin coconut oil and dried banana.”
  • Chocolate Chickpeas // Sourced Box: ”Finest organic chocolate wrapped in a crunchy chickpea for a biscuity bite
  • Vanilla Protein Bar // BodyMe: ”Bursting with raw choosiness and sweet vanilla, this protein bar has been made by combining plant proteins with raw fruit, nuts, oils and superfoods.”



  • Cucumber and Tomato Vegetable Crisps // NIM’S: ”Made from 100% fresh vegetables, air dried and not friend to create a health snack that retains its nutrients, taste and colour.”
  • Chilli Monkey Nuts // MUNKY: ”Roasted to perfection with enough spice to give you a munch fiery snack.”
  • Garlic and Chive Peas // Brave: ”Deliciously crunchy roasted peas that have more protein than cashews but less calories than popcorn.”
  • Rosemary and Thyme Pitta Chips // Soffles: ”Pitta chips that have been oven roasted and freshly seasoned to create the perfect hummus dipping snack.”



  • Aloe Vera Juice with White Grape // Simplee Aloe: ”A refreshing mix of aloe vera, hand picked to retain its bioactive and healing properties, blended with sweet white grape juice and a squeeze of lemon.”
  • Sleep and Super Berry Tea // We Are Tea: ”Prepare to sink into the pillow with a lavender and chamomile sleepy time tea plus a naturally caffeine free rooibos tea bursting with red berries.”


If you’re subscribed to SourcedBox, what are your favourite products this month? If not, let me know your favourite healthy snacks for the Autumn months, I’d be interested to know!

With love, Lottie. 



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